Rabu, 5 Disember 2012

Wednesday Special !!

I said Wednesday is special day because today was my English Day. Every Wednesday I will speak in English,write in English even post or entry in English too.. (How excited I am..LOL!)

So,all my bloggerian's friends must comment or respond in English too,okay !! Hoho.. 

I made this English Day not because I'm quite good in English. Of course not.. Maybe I'm more worse.*Smile* But because it's so important for us to speak and write in English. Maybe we cannot see the function of it now but we can see how important English when we seeking job in the future. 

Believe me,I'm more experience in seeking a job and how difficult it is when mostly job requirement is MUST SPEAK AND WRITE IN ENGLISH. 

What are you waiting for? Come join me in this English Day,improve your English and see how much fun to speak and write English. 

(Pssstt.. Don't worry about your grammar,we can learn it later.*Wink,wink)

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